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CVD equipment

Graphene Submarine 2.0 - fast and compact automatic CVD system
for synthesis 2D materials such as monolayer graphene on copper foils,
multilayer graphene on nickel foils
Main chracteristics of the equipment:
  • 50x50 mm hot plate with uniformity 2-3% or direct heating of metallic catalytic substrate
  • maximum temparature of hot plate 1300 C or tungstem foil up to 2500 C;
  • standard 3 types of mass flow controllers for gases or more by request;
  • vacuum range 0,01-1000 milibars or low by request.
​Main parameters of the equiment:
  • compact size of the vacuum chamber: diameter 14 cm, height 12 cm (volume = 1.9 liters);
  • size of the desktop equipment is less than 50х50х50 cm (without cooling system and vacuum pump);
  • precise control of the cooling and heating rates of the catalytic substrate in a wide range: from 1 degree per minute to 500 degrees per second;
  • accurate control of the temperature of the catalytic substrate using a pyrometer: accuracy 1 degree;
  • low power consumption: the power consumption of the equipment is less than 500 watts.
Main advantages of the equipment:
  • the maximum size of the graphene film being synthesized: 50x50 mm;
  • a quick cycle of graphene synthesis: less than 30 minutes;
  • software with full control of the synthesis process;
  • automatic process on pre-installed programs: synthesis of graphene film with a given number of layers (graphene monolayer on the surface of copper foil and graphene film on nickel foil with the necessary number of layers from 3 to 100).
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