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About us

LLC Rusgraphene  - the first Russian company for the production of graphene by the method of chemical vapor deposition - CVD-graphene.
In our product range, there are both monolayers of graphene on copper and multilayer graphene films on nickel, also transferred monolayer and multilayer graphene films on various substrates with a maximum size of up to 80 sq. cm. In the section CVD-graphene you can find detailed information about our products.
We offer equipment for the synthesis of graphene by the CVD-method  - a compact vacuum unit with the ability to synthesize graphene 40x30 mm on metals less 10 minutes. With the characteristics and features of the equipment you can find in the section CVD-equipment.
Since 2009 graphene has been studied in RUSGRAPHENE LLC. The scientiss have published more than 30 scientific articles. The most interesting of them are the results on the creation of gas sensors based on CVD graphene, as well as using CVD graphene as a terahertz radiation detector and as a nonlinear optical element for ultrafast waveguide lasers.
   Maxim Rybin - CEO
   -  international PhD degree in 2013
   -  author of 27 scientific publications, participant of 30 scientific conferences
To view the publications, see profiles in the scientific bases:
Google scholar: Maxim Rybin
ScopusID: 35293421100
ORCID: 0000-0003-1529-5326
ResearcherID: F-5172-2014
ResearchGate: Maxim Rybin
   Scientific consultant - Elena Obraztsova
    - more than 200 scientific publications in the field of carbon nanomaterials research
    - more than 40 successfully completed research projects
To view the publications, see profiles in the scientific bases:
ScopusID: 7005595347
ORCID: 0000-0003-3001-2996
ResearcherID: D-3071-2015
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Every day we strive to ensure that the results of our work bring maximum benefit to people all over the world. We believe that the usefulness of graphene will be appreciated by even the most distant person from science and in the near future, graphene will take its rightful place in our daily life. We are working hard to create a new reality through the amazing properties of graphene. And this is our passion.

Company mission

Use the amazing properties of graphene to create innovation.
Make a revolution in industry.