Description of CVD graphene by Rusgraphene
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Description of CVD graphene monolayer

Rusgraphene LLC produces graphene on copper and nickel foils by chemical vapor deposition method using home-made special equipment. Synthesised graphene single layer is transferred onto different substrates such as silicon dioxide, qartz, polymer and others.


Technical characteristics of a monolayer of CVD graphene on SiO2:
Grain size: > 20 microns
Transparency > 97 %
Coverage Area: > 99 %
Thickness: < 1 nm - one layer + islands of the second layer less than 5% of the area
Surface resistance: 500-800 Ohm/
Carrier (hole) mobility on SiO2 (Hall effect measurements): 1500 - 2500 cm2/V∙s

Description of the produced graphene can be downloaded in the file: DESCRIPTION of CVD-graphene